2020 County and Congressional District Conventions

By now, most of you are aware that in NC, congressional districts have been redrawn under court order. For the last several years, all of Rutherford County has been in the 10th Congressional District (Patrick McHenry District). With the new redistricting, Rutherford County is moved from the 10th District and split between the 5th (Virginia Foxx) and 11th (currently Mark Meadows) districts. For Rutherford County, these changes will affect which annual district convention(s) we attend.

First, both the county conventions and district conventions will be held on approximately the same schedules as in the past. We are planning to hold our County Convention in March 2020 and the congressional district conventions will be held in April. However, during our County Convention, when we elect delegates to district conventions we will be sending some of us to the 5th District Convention and some of us to the 11th District Convention. Which convention we attend will be governed by where we live. Rutherford County residents who live in the new 5th District will be delegates to that convention. Residents who live in the new 11th District will be delegates to the new 11th District convention.

Further, District Committee officers who no longer live in the district they serve (due to the redistricting) can no longer hold office in their previous district. Accordingly, there will be some changes in leadership in some of the newly formed districts. The General Counsel to the NC GOP has prepared a memo which explains all of this and cites the governing sections of the State Plan of Organization. Click here to read this memo.

Dick McCallum
Chairman - Rutherford County Executive Committee

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